Microsoft Outlook application is mainly used for email communication, let it be professional or personal. This email client is better than others because of the fact that they can be used even if the internet connection is unavailable. One can read the already sent / received emails, calendar entries, notes and other attributes. The user can even draft the email and save it. The local PST file and the Microsoft Exchange server will get synchronized as soon as the internet connection is restored.

There might be a lot of important information stored in the form of emails in your Outlook profile. These emails might get deleted or you may lose them due to various reasons. Some of them are –

Deletion – The user might accidentally delete the important emails from their profile, while removing some unwanted emails. Fortunately the emails will get stored it the Deleted Items folder. But if the deletion is performed using the Shift + Delete combination, then the files will not go in the Deleted Items folder. Here, the Outlook Email recovery tool comes into picture. It can restore emails that were deleted from the Deleted Items too.

PST Oversize – PST file of your Outlook profile has a certain size limit, which if exceeded can result in the PST corruption. This in turn will lead to the loss of emails sent or received from your profile. To recover Outlook emails, the tool mentioned on this page is very helpful. You can even restore other Outlook attributes and repair damaged Outlook data file, PST and OST.

Outlook application malfunction – Sometimes improper working of the Microsoft Outlook application can also corrupt the PST file and result in the loss of important emails. When this happened, the user might encounter various error messages from which the 0x800ccc92 is the most common. Visit this link to know more about this error and its successful repairing.

There are many more reasons for email deletion or loss and PST file corruption. But whatever may be the reason, the Outlook email recovery tool can be used to recover Outlook emails and repair the PST file. The Outlook email recovery software has been designed with the latest and powerful algorithm that helps in the effective repairing of the corrupt or damaged PST file. The tool has a wizard style interface that is very easy to use. Each step describes in detail as what is to be done there. For operating this tool, the user is not required to know anything about the process. He / she just have to follow the on-screen instructions, and all the deleted or lost emails will be restored.

The Outlook email recovery software can restore and repair PST on Outlook 2010 and earlier versions of MS Outlook application. To know more about the repairing of corrupt or damaged PST file on Outlook 2010, follow

The only thing that the user should remember after losing important emails from their profile is to stop using the application as soon as possible. This will ensure that the files remain in recoverable state.

How to use Outlook email recovery tool?

Step 1 – Download the demo version of Outlook email recovery tool and install it on your Windows system.

Step 2 – Select the “Open PST" option from the main screen. To recover Outlook emails, select the affected PST file and proceed.

Outlook Email Recovery Tool - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 3 – Select the scanning method and destination folder to save the fixed PST file.

Outlook Email Recovery Tool - Select Scanning type & destination path

Fig 2: Select Scanning type & destination path

Step 3 – After that a summary report will be generated that will show the repaired file's data.

Outlook Email Recovery Tool - Summary

Fig 3: Summary